ANTI-AGING                  tao wisdom to live long  LIFE SPAN AND GENES
longevity  how to live long       wisdom in the art of living well

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ANTI-AGING                  tao wisdom to live long  LIFE SPAN AND GENES
longevity  how to live long       wisdom in the art of living well
Sexual Health for Longevity

Stephen Lau

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Sexual Health for Longevity

by Stephen Lau

Your sex life holds the key to your longevity. It is always a misconception that your sex life becomes more unfulfilled as you age. But loss of sexual function and erectile dysfunction are NOT the normal consequences of aging. Of course, the male and female experience gradual but significant changes in their sexual responses as they continue to age:
n the male, sexual changes are: delayed penile erection; diminished ejaculatory secretions; short duration of orgasm. In the female, sexual changes are: diminished vaginal secretions, delayed arousal, and fewer and weaker uterine and vaginal contractions.


Male Sexual Health

Male sexual health means that healthy males have 2 to 5 nocturnal erections, each lasting about 20 minutes. If you don’t, you may have organic, rather than psychogenic, causes of erectile dysfunction. You must address this issue that may affect your sexual health.

On the other hand, if you do have regular nocturnal erections, your erectile problem may be psychogenic. In that case you should also do something about your sexual problem to improve your sexual health. Remember, sexual health is both physical and mental health.

Female Sexual Health

Women have advantage over men in sexual matters in that predominantly they need not worry about the performance issues. However, they are not immune from other related sexual problems, such as, loss of libido, menopausal conditions, vaginal dryness, and vaginal atrophy.


Male Erectile Dysfunction

Previously, it was thought that male erectile dysfunction was mainly due to psychogenic factors:

     depression (bereavement or loss of interest)

     fear of failure (performance anxiety)

     widower’s syndrome (a new sexual relationship)


Now, medical science has discovered the main causes of erectile dysfunction are more than psychogenic:

     vascular dysfunction (50 percent)-poor arterial inflow, excessive venous outflow or both

     neurological problems-stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord trauma and tumor, among others


     systemic disorders, such as renal failure

     medications (all anti-hypertensives), such as antidepressants and H2 blockers


     zinc deficiency

     fewer and weaker uterine and vaginal contractions

Male Low Libido


Emotional stress from an unsatisfactory relationship is one of the major causes of low sex drive, which may adversely affect your sexual health.

Emotional symptoms resulting from mental anguish may also be due to dietary deficiencies (vitamin B6
deficiency; lack of essential fatty acids) and the environmental assaults (toxins in drugs, chemicals in pesticides and industrial pollutants) on the body.


Both herbs, Saw Palmetto and Damiana, increase sensitivity of the penis and enhance sexual desire, and hence benefit sexual health. Saw Palmetto must contain 85 to 95 percent fatty acids and sterols, with a dose of 80 to 160 milligrams twice daily to be efficacious.

Drug use, processed foods, sugar and caffeine, drinking and smoking diminish your sexual desire, and contribute to depression and stress, adversely affecting your sexual health. Remember, anything that creates a high in you inevitably results in a low in the brain, where sexual desire originates.
Any artificial stimulant may have long-term effect on your sexual health.

Men’s Prostate Problems

Prostate problems usually begin after age 35. By age 50, 25 percent of all men have enlarged prostate, and by age 80, nearly 80 percent have prostate problems of some sort. As you age, enlarged prostate is as inevitable as death. But the good news is that the majority of men do not die from prostate problems or prostate cancer. However, prostate problems may have adverse effects on your overall sexual health.

Causes of enlarged prostate

     Obesity:  Avoid a diet high in saturated fat, especially meat from animals injected with hormones.

     Hormonal changes:  Hormonal imbalances may be caused by an enzyme that interacts with your testosterone,
     producing di-hydrotestosterone (DHT).

Symptoms of enlarged prostate

     frequent urination

     occasionally painful experience to urinate

     reduced flow of urine



     lower back pain


     chronic physical fatigue

Prevention or deferment of enlarged prostate

     Alcohol, especially beer, elevates the DHT in your body. Drink less.

     Saw Palmetto (an herb) and Pygeum Africanum reduce your DHT levels.

Take their supplements.

Maintenance of prostate health

Nature has provided you with 4 warriors to combat potential prostate cancer. Make the most of them to maintain and sustain your sexual health through a prostate diet:

ISOFLAVONES: Genistein in soybeans inhibits prostate cancer cells. Eat more tofu, tempeh, and miso.

SULFORAPHANES: Eat all cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale) raw, or only lightly cooked to get the benefit.

LYCOPENES: Eating cooked tomatoes makes lycopenes more digestible, and adding flaxseed oil makes it more easily absorbed. Watermelon and pink grapefruit also have lower concentration of lycopenes.

POLYPHENOLS: The EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea kills prostate cancer cells.

     Cut down on meat and dairy products. Beware: food with 100 calories may elevate your body’s fat content up
     to 45 percent even with one tea-spoon of oil; allprocessed foods are high in hidden fat.
     Eat whole grains and fiber-rich vegetables to help remove fats from your body for better sexual health.

     Use olive oil for cooking. Always go for low-fat cooking options: steaming, blanching, baking, and broiling,
     instead of frying.

     Get at least 15 minutes of sunshine everyday. Research has shown that places with less sun have higher
     incidence of hormone-related cancers.

Maintaining healthy functioning of the kidneys is integral to your prostate health. Your entire life cycle is linked to the condition and maintenance of the kidney, which play a pivotal part in your sexual health.  The kidneys are the “root of life” and the “basis of life.” Rejuvenate your kidneys, which play a critical role in your overall sexual health.

Natural prostate recovery requires abstinence of sexual intercourse, which irritates the prostate and delays the repair process, which may ultimately damage your sexual health.

Treating prostate problems with medications often comes with a list of side effects that can lead to loss of libido and potency. Think twice before you resort to medications and invasive procedures.

Female Loss of libido

There are several factors affecting loss of sexual desire in women, both organic and environmental, which may adversely affect their sexual health as well as that of their partners.

  ·  Emotions affecting hormone levels and the endocrine system

  ·  Depression causing physical fatigue

  ·  Menstrual cycles

  ·  Dietary deficiencies, such as a lack of essential fatty acids, protein deficiency due to dieting

Taking supplements of DHEA (a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands), and damiana (an herb) will help enhance your sexual drive, and hence improve your overall sexual health.

Women’s Menopausal Conditions

Menopausal conditions of women affect the sensitivity of the tissues of the bladder and urethra. The frequency of urination or a full bladder will curtail a woman’s desire for sexual intercourse.

Taking supplements of vitamin B complex and calcium will support the nervous system and decrease mood swings.

High doses of estrogen (the female sex hormone) may suppress your immune system. Menopause lowers the risk of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers due to the reduction of estrogen level. However, it may lead to weight gain or obesity, which can convert other hormones and steroids into estrogen.

Therefore, overweight women are more at risk for breast and other cancers after menopause than thinner women.

Also, before menopause, women have lower cholesterol level than men, but during and after menopause, their cholesterol level may dramatically elevate.
Loss of estrogen increases the risk for osteoporosis in women, resulting in the characteristic stooped “widow’s hump” posture.

Virtually all women going through menopause agree that getting the right information, the right facts, uncovering the truth about menopause at the right time is invaluable.

How To Conquer Menopause uncovers the right information, the right tips, as well as drug-free alternative approaches to coping with menopause. This is one of the most comprehensive books on the subject for women nearing or undergoing menopause.

Vaginal Dryness

Itching and burning sensations are symptoms of vagina dryness.
Female estrogen deficiency is the main cause of sexual problems associated with a reduction in vaginal blood flow, decreased vaginal lubrication, and increased vaginal fragility with thinning of vaginal mucosa - all leading to difficulties in sexual intercourse and intimacy enjoyment. Estrogen has a positive and beneficial impact on vaginal lubrication and tissue, and testosterone plays a significant role in libido in the female.

Application of creams and lotions is not a long-term solution to vaginal dryness.
Avoid using bubble bath, hand lotion, vinegar, and soaps to treat your vaginal dryness, because these products irritate rather than relieve the symptoms.
A diet rich in vitamins A, C, and E, and a good essential fatty acid source, such as flax, will help support your mucous membranes and moisten your vaginal lining.

Taking a supplement of a growth hormone (hGH) may not only lubricate the vaginal but also restore youth and vitality.

Vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy, a closing down of the vagina during or after menopause, causes painful intercourse. Such occurrence is due to a drastic decline in testosterone level beginning at age 40.

Application of natural progesterone cream and supplements containing testosterone may reduce vaginal atrophy and restore the elasticity of the vagina.

, an herbal source of plant testosterone, stimulates production of testosterone in the body.


For Men:

Aloe: Erectile dysfunction
  ·  Bee pollen: Prostate, erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalance
  ·  Cayenne: Erectile dysfunction
  ·  Damiana: Prostate, erectile dysfunction
  ·  Garlic: Erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalance
  ·  Gingko biloba: Erectile dysfunction
  ·  hGH: Prostate, erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalance
  ·  Lecithin: Prostate, erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalance
  ·  Pygeum: Prostate, erectile dysfunction
  ·  Royal jelly: Erectile dysfunction
  ·  Saw palmetto: Prostate, erectile dysfunction
  ·  Sea vegetables: Prostate, erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalance
  ·  Velvet antler: Prostate, erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalance
  ·  Wheat grass: Prostate, erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalance

For Women:

  ·  Aloe: Menopause
  ·  Bee pollen: Low libido, menopause, hormone imbalance
  ·  Damiana: Low libido
  ·  Dong quai: Low libido, menopause, hormone imbalance
  ·  Ginger: Low libido
  ·  Ginseng: Low libido, menopause, hormone imbalance
  ·  hGH: Low libido, menopause, hormone imbalance
  ·  Lecithin: Low libido, menopause, vaginal dryness/atrophy, hormone imbalance
  ·  Nutritional red yeast: Low libido, menopause, hormone imbalance
  ·  Royal jelly: Low libido, menopause, hormone imbalance
  ·  Velvet antler: Low libido, menopause, hormone imbalance
  ·  Wheat grass: Low libido
  ·  Wild yam: Menopause, hormone imbalance


According to the Oriental wisdom, yin and yang are two aspects of Heaven and Earth, which are in constant flux, controlling and restraining each other. They are forever at variance with each other, like the changes of the four seasons. These changes are what maintain human life. To live a long life, individuals must abide by the natural variances of the yin and the yang, just as they must act in accordance with the changing of the four seasons.

When an individual suppresses his or her sexual activity, the vital life energy, or qi, is incapable of being vented, and the intermingling of the yin and the yang is therefore obstructed. If blockage occurs, it is then impossible to keep the tone of the physical body, which is normally provided through sexual activity.

It is absolutely necessary that the qi of the body is allowed to move so that it may aid in the venting of waste gases and other toxic materials from the body for ultimate health. Therefore, sexual activity-not necessarily intercourse - is an important component of balance and harmony in any individual, irrespective of age.

Remember, sex is sacred because it connects you in the most basic way to the source of Creation; it is an act symbolizing the origin of life, and hence is life in its essence.

In addition, sexual activity contributes to companionship, an important component of longevity living.

Stephen Lau
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