ANTI-AGING                  tao wisdom to live long  LIFE SPAN AND GENES
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ANTI-AGING                  tao wisdom to live long  LIFE SPAN AND GENES
longevity  how to live long       wisdom in the art of living well
Mobility for Longevity

Stephen Lau

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Mobility for Longevity

By Stephen Lau

Physical activity extends longevity; as a matter of fact, it is regarded by some health experts as the closest thing to an anti-aging pill. Unfortunately, many a time an individual’s lifespan is cut short by falling. Over-concern or fear of falling may result in the repercussion of physical inactivity, and thus immobilizing the elderly.

Indeed, falling is the Number One factor in aging because it createsfear among the elderly, thereby immobilizing them into a mental and physical state of inertia, which often brings about rapid decline in the mental faculty.

Aging does impose certain limitations on the physical body, but aging does not necessarily make you fall. You fall because you are immobile. Being physically active and maintaining good posture hold the key to preventing falls, and hence to anti-aging living. Maintain your mobility for longevity.


Falling is due to both external and internal conditions. Some of the external conditions are inadequate lighting and scattered objects. while internal conditions may include:

     Body imbalance caused by circulatory problems

     Diseases (arthritis, osteoporosis)
     Medications (sedatives)

     Mental problems (confusion and dementia)

     Muscular weakness

Poor vision (Visit my web page:
Vision Self-Healing.)

These conditions make you become either more immobilized out of fear of falling, or more prone to falling. Maintaining mobility for longevity is the solution.


Strengthen some of your inactive muscles that cause body balance problems, contributing to falling. For anti-aging, always maintain good posture.

Also, concentration plays a pivotal role in preventing falls. Enhance concentration through daily meditation, which is complemented by healthy breathing. (Go to my web page:
Meditation Healing to find out how to concentrate through meditation.)

Fear is not anti-aging: in fact, it is the Number One obstacle in practicing and repeating certain movements on a regular basis aimed at enhancing your body balance to improve your flexibility for both physical and emotional well-being.

Fear is an obstacle to your general fitness. Use
positive affirmations to overcome your fear. Change your attitude about the fear of falling:

     Do not conserve your mobility; fully utilize mobility for longevity to your advantage.

     Fear makes you feel inadequate and insecure, making you more prone to falling.

     Over-caution constricts your muscles, making them more tense and inflexible, and thus further impairing your   
     body balance system.

     Make what is impossible become fun to you.

     Don’t be afraid to be physically fit-it is your right at any age!

Exercise all your life. Qi Gong, Yoga, and walking are some of the best exercises you can do irrespective of your age to maintain mobility for longevity and anti-aging living.

Indispensable Qi Gong For People On The Go is an excellent book on Qi Gong exercise with step-by-step instructions to help you perform 3000-year-secret exercises to reverse bone loss due to osteoporosis, and to revitalize an aging body for better balance and flexibility. These anti-aging exercises are especially good for people who are aging because they promote muscle flexibility, enhance internal life energy, and promote clarity of the mind and physical well-being to maintain mobility for longevity and anti-aging living.

Yoga health is the ultimate health for longevity, based on thousands of years of yogi practice for flexibility and mobility of the body and mind to bring about physical health and relaxation, motivation and willpower, clarity of mind and concentration, self awareness and insight, inner peace and happiness.

Or, you may do your weight training exercise
to maintain your muscles even as your body continues to age.

Do not avoid any situation that might cause you to fall; instead, move to avoid, and thereby preventing falls. Movement, activity, and exercise promote and enhance your mental, emotional, and social well-being, which are the main ingredients of a happy and long life.

Mobility for longevity serves several functions:

     Improving eye-hand-foot coordination

     Improving motor skills

     Improving reaction time

     Improving spatial awareness

     Improving good posture and poise

    Improving mental capability due to more oxygen from the blood

     Improving overall confidence and self-esteem

Even with compromised mobility, you will need full-body, low-impact exercise, with a resistance chair to do the exercise while sitting down.


Set aside a specific time each day to practice balancing activities for body balance, and stay with it.

Learning body balance

Find your own focal point by focusing your eyes on an object. Practice your body balance by slightly raising one foot, either right or left, in the following positions:

     Both hands on your hips

     Both hands at your sides

     Both hands outstretched sideways

     Both hands raised above your head in a “V” position

Warming up by stretching

Stretching has substantial health benefits:

     Increasing your mobility range

     Increasing your muscle flexibility

     Increasing your energy level

     Increasing your blood circulation

     Increasing your protection against injury should you happen to fall

Strengthening your leg for balance, equilibrium, and mobility

     Sit on a chair, and relax, with feet apart, and hands on your sides.

     Stand up a little, with legs bent, and hands on your sides, and HOLD at a count of five.

     Next, stand up a little more, with legs still slightly bent, and hands on your sides, and HOLD at a count of five.

     Now, stand up straight and tall, and HOLD at a count of five.

     Reverse and repeat the process until you sit down on the chair.

Strengthening your ankles and feet for body balance and flexibility

     Stand tall with your feet slightly apart.

     Slowly raise both heels from the floor, and HOLD for a count of five.

     Slowly lower both heels, and relax.

     Repeat five to ten times.

Enhancing and improving your body balance and flexibility to maintain mobility for longevity

     Stand tall, feet slightly apart, with arms stretched out sideways for body balance.

     Slowly bend your right knee, and cross your right foot in front of and to the outside of your left foot, touching
     your right toes to the floor.

     With your right knee still bent, slowly and gently SWING your right leg from the front position to behind your   
     left leg, touching your right toes to the floor. Use your stretched out arms to balance if necessary.

     Repeat activity using your left foot.

Better Balance: Get more tips and exercises for better balance. Discover how to improve balance and prevent falls with simple balance exercises, stretching exercises for the elderly to promote mobility and good balance.


No matter how careful you are, there will be times when an accidental fall may happen to you. However, if your body remains loose and flexible, your injury may be reduced to a minimum.

As you continue to age, the joints and muscles in your body may become stiff and inflexible due to arthritis pain. It is therefore important to control your arthritis.

Make yourself mobile at all times. Good posture is also important to body balance. Improving body balance reduces your vulnerability to falls. Falls are associated with immobility, and subsequent functional decline further increasing the risk for additional falls, and thus reinforcing the fear of falling-perpetuating an endless vicious cycle.

The more fit your feet and legs are, the more resistant you will be to falls. Frequent and repeated falls may impair your long-term mobility, and deteriorate the quality of your anti-aging living. Strengthen your feet and legs, and maintain your mobility for longevity and anti-aging living

Mobility adds years to your life. Mobility for longevity  gives meaning to anti-aging living.

Copyright© by Stephen Lau

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