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ANTI-AGING                  tao wisdom to live long  LIFE SPAN AND GENES
longevity  how to live long       wisdom in the art of living well
Disease Prevention

Stephen Lau

Myasthenia Gravis


Stephen Lau

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Life and Living


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Disease Prevention

By Stephen Lau

Good health is your birthright. You are not supposed to get sick. Nature has provided you with a mechanism to monitor your health, thereby preventing you from getting any disease. Sickness is only a means by which Nature shows you the right way back to health. Theoretically, one should not die of any disease, but of old age when eventually the body system has had its days and shuts down naturally.

Disease may shorten life, but disease prevention can prolong life.

An anti-aging lifestyle is disease prevention. If you live to a hundred and beyond, you will most probably die a peaceful death, instead of dying a premature death, which is often plagued by much mental and physical anguish and suffering. Therefore, always aim at living to a hundred and beyond through an anti-aging lifestyle for disease prevention. If God is willing, you may make it to the one-hundred benchmark.

Good health is more than the absence of sickness, and wellness has to be holistic. Essentially, you have to feel healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. Only when you have
holistic health and total wellness through disease prevention can you have longevity, and live to a hundred and beyond.


Disease is caused by stresses in your life. You can usually handle a single, big stressful event, just as a piece of metal can withstand the impact of strong force without breaking. However, chronic stress, equivalent to bending that same piece of metal back and forth repeatedly is going to break your health over time, causing disease.

Radiation stress

Radiation from the environment can damage living tissue in your body. Radiation stress is one of the causes of cancer, which is essentially the uncontrolled growth of cells. Disease prevention may reduce the risk of cancer.

Chemical Stress

Chemicals in the environment you live in, the food you consume, and the medications you take often create undue stress in your body system. Chemicals in the environment may come from the air you breathe, the water you drink, or anything you may have exposed yourself to, such as your daily shampoo and toothpaste. Chemicals are also present in abundance in your daily food-pesticides and other chemicals which are toxic by design, and which may have contaminated your food.

The risks you encounter depend on a number of factors, including the toxicity of pesticides, the degree and form of exposure, as well as your age and genetic susceptibility. As a result, what may be less harmful to others may be more harmful to you. Nobody has complete immunity-we are all subject to some degree of chemical stress. Therefore, take measures to protect yourself from chemical stress wherever possible:

Always eat naturally. The rule of thumb: Any food item in the supermarket that comes in a box, a carton, or a can may have been loaded with chemicals designed to lengthen its life on the shelf but, unfortunately, to shorten yours. Eating naturally is anti-aging disease prevention.

Wherever possible, go organic to eliminate some of the chemicals and toxins in foods. The Ultimate Organic Lifestyle gives you all the information you need to go organic for an anti-aging lifestyle.

Avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs, especially over-the-counter ones, which are toxic chemicals that may have long-term impact on your health.

Emotional stress

According to researchers at John Hopkins University, sudden traumatic emotional stress can result in severe heart muscle weakness that may mimic a classic heart attack through the release of certain chemicals in your body.

Not only is emotional stress the triggering factor but also the underlying cause of many diseases, especially
autoimmune diseases. Life is full of stresses. Learn how to conquer them.

Conquering Stress helps you get back your life by conquering stress, depression, and anxiety, without the use of drugs and medications. Learn useful techniques to overcome these mental and emotional  disorders, which are commonly associated with aging. Conquering stress is an anti-aging lifestyle for disease prevention.

Nutritional stress

Both the quality and quantity of food can have a dramatic impact on your overall health and well-being. Nutritional deficiency, a direct result of the body not having the nutrients it needs to function properly, is certainly a major contributing factor to nutritional stress in an individual who is aging.

Over the years, you may have been eating what is convenient or tasty, which often overflows with fat, sodium, and sugar. Knowingly or unknowingly, you may have consumed literally hundreds of chemicals annually, from preservatives to artificial colorings and flavorings commonly found in contemporary foods.

In addition, heating and processing of the food you eat may have destroyed some valuable nutrients that you assume you may have been getting all along.


Your body is capable of eliminating toxins. In fact, normal elimination of toxins occurs through urination, bowel movement, respiration, and perspiration. In these complex processes, chemical compounds are broken down into simple compounds, ultimately discharged from your body.

However, if there is still excess for elimination, abnormal physical discharge results, manifested in symptoms of coughing, diarrhea, fever, and excessive perspiration. So watch out for these symptoms, which are no more than red flags alerting you to the presence of excessive toxins in your body.

However, if the amount of excess continues to exceed your body’s capability for discharge, then these toxins will begin to accumulate.

The sinuses

Excess often accumulates in your sinuses, resulting in discharge of mucus through your nose and from your eyes. Watch out for them on arising each morning. The allergies you may develop are merely natural mechanisms for extra discharge. Do not suppress these symptoms with over-the-counter drugs; instead, let them run their natural courses. Just give your body the opportunity to heal itself naturally.

The lungs

Excess may accumulate in your lungs with symptoms of coughing and chest congestion, and, in the worst scenario, the formation of cyst or even cancer. Medications may only temporarily suppress but never eliminate them; and they will always return whenever there is an opportunity for them to strike back.

The breasts

Excess accumulated in your breasts may lead to hardening or formation of cysts or cancer. Any invasive procedure may only further aggravate the problem.

The intestines

Excess may accumulate in your intestines in the form of mucus and fat deposits, which coat the walls of your intestines, often resulting in a bulging abdomen.

Exercise may not get you back in shape, if there is no elimination of such excess.

The kidneys

Excess may accumulate in your kidneys, blocking your bladder and urinary tract. Your kidneys may chronically swell with water, further hampering elimination and leading to more accumulation of non-discharged fluid in your swollen legs. Optimum kidney health is disease prevention.

The sex organs

If you are a man, excess may accumulate in your prostate gland, which may enlarge, forming cysts or prostate cancer.

If you are a woman, excess may accumulate in your ovary, which may block your fallopian tubes, leading to infertility, forming cysts or cancer due to fat deposits.

The inner ear

Excess in the form of mucus and fat in your inner ear may cause frequent and recurrent pain, impaired hearing, and even ultimate deafness.


When your body is no longer in harmony with Nature due to continual accumulation of toxins within your body, you naturally become sick. Sickness, which is often associated with physical pain and mental anguish, begins to manifest in disease progression.


Chronic stress, both physical and mental, begins to attack your body. Both physical and mental fatigue ensues not because of your age but because of the accumulation of body toxins that create the stress to your system.

Aches and pains

Due to weakening of your nervous system, your body may begin to experience frequent headaches, backaches, and muscle pains, among others. These are disease symptoms that there is something wrong with your body, and you should not dismiss them lightly. Don’t attribute them to old age. Taking a painkiller, such as Advil or Tylenol, does not eliminate the unresolved problem. Watch your posture: poor posture is often conducive to muscle stress and joint pain. Acupuncture is a time-honored Oriental way of pain control without the use of medications.

Sickness of the blood

Excess acidity, high level of cholesterol, or saturation of fat in your bloodstream impoverish the quality of your blood, resulting in blood-related diseases, such as hemophilia, jaundice, leukemia and skin diseases, among others. Do you often have itchy skin? A balanced acid-alkaline diet is disease prevention.

Emotional disorders

Negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety, fear, and worry, begin to rear their ugly heads in your body. Your emotional outbursts often reflect your internal dishevel. Your temperament should not change drastically because of your age. Learn how to control your emotions the Oriental way from my web page:
Anger Management. However, as you continue to age with increasing limitations on your life, your inability to adapt and adjust to changes may predispose you to episodes of depression, which is common among the elderly.

Depression, even bipolar depression, may not necessarily require anti-depressants.

No Ego No Stress explains in detail how you can overcome your depressive moods, and conquer anxiety without the use of drugs by letting go of your ego-self, which is the root cause of many diseases. Follow the ancient wisdom from China thousands of years ago.

Maintaining mental health is disease prevention.

Organ diseases

The accumulated toxins in your body may cause your body organs to degenerate over time, resulting in heart disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, and other common organ diseases. Such degeneration may be gradual and slow, or even sudden and swift, depending on your physiological makeup.

Nerve diseases

When toxins begin to attack your brain cells, you may experience various types of mental illness, dementia, multiple sclerosis, paralysis and Parkinson’s disease, among others.

Degenerative diseases

Degeneration accelerates disease progression. Your body’s inferior blueprint for cell regeneration will only lead to further disease progression; and your health will go swiftly downhill.  Some of the major degenerative diseases of mankind are cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and autoimmune disorders. They become more prevalent as one ages. To combat them, you need an anti-aging lifestyle in disease prevention.


Most Western medical doctors fail to realize that disease is not separate from the patient. In fact, every disease can be more accurately called an expression of the patient’s attitudes, energies and lifestyle, leading to his or her systemic disorder, which is ultimately expressed in disease symptoms. There are no miracle cures of disease symptoms if the systemic disorder is not relieved and remedied. Disease prevention through an anti-aging lifestyle is the only solution.

Empower yourself with knowledge. Learning as much as you can about a disease is the first and foremost step in disease prevention. It is the responsibility of the patient, not the doctor. (Visit my blog:
Doctor, You're Fired!)

The next step in disease prevention is to stop ingesting toxins, which are biochemical substances and molecules that may poison your blood, spreading in your bloodstream through the circulatory system to the rest of your body. They break down your body cells, resulting in disturbed cellular functions of organ systems, and thus causing disease.
To rid your body of toxins you need to detoxify for an anti-aging lifestyle.

12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox: This is a comprehensive step-by-step program that covers everything you need to know about internal cleansing, how to stay healthy and lose weight permanently. It has everything you need to know about detoxification for an anti-aging lifestyle.

Detoxification is the best disease prevention.

Stephen Lau
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Stephen Lau

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